Edson Plant 
30 Years Without a Lost Time Incident

We would like to congratulate Ken Mitchell Regional Superintendant, Terry Orge Plant Foreman/Regional LCC, Karen Kluthe Office Administrator, Ryan Jardine, Randy Wilson, Garett Langdon, Keith Mitchell, Karen Pepper, and Wade Sumners from the Edson site. The team has achieved a record of 30 years work without a loss time incident, which is the longest running record in our company. 

All employees at this site demonstrate a good sense of teamwork and common value of working safely no matter what the task or what the conditions are. Safety is more than a set of rules, it is a way of handling the day to day activities and not getting hurt. Conditions constantly change at all of our worksites. Our employees at Edson accept this challenge and carry out their duties without injury. 

It Only Takes a Moment...

Stop and assess the hazards before beginning any job or task. 

Keep up the great work!

Our thanks to each and every one at the Edson site for considering Working Safely as part of your job. 

Zero injuries!

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